A contemporary ride sharing and on demand package delivery platform

And instantly pay for your rides and deliveries
Until the official launch of Dylyver services and listing of Dycoin token on partner exchanges you can continue to purchase tokens on our web page.
Payment methods
Bitcoin cash
Bank Transfer
Coin Gate
Tokens sold:
Goal: $14,500,000
Payment methods
Bitcoin cash
Bank Transfer
Coin Gate
Whats new

ICO project updates

Dylyver Technologies is excited to partner with Faster Capital that will provide our team with resources such as mentorship, feasibility study, technical consultation, new sales channels and help Dylyver raise additional capital.
A short video that explains Dylyver's ride sharing and package delivery concept
Here is a recording from our ride-sharing app "Drive" road tests this week. Some improvements and design fixes are still necessary. Blockchain integration will follow.
We are excited to announce that Dylyver signed a partnership with LATOKEN exchange! Starting today you can purchase DYCOIN tokens on LATOKEN.
Dylyver management team presented company's ride sharing and package delivery solutions and Dycoin token value propositions to investor panel in London
Participate in Dylyver Airdrop and earn 200+ Dycoin tokens by spreading the word about Dylyver in social media.
Here you will find answers to most of the frequently asked questions regarding Dylyver Technologies, its business model and ICO campaign.
We are happy to announce our integration with Bancor Protocol to provide continuous liquidity for the Dylyver Dycoin token after the completion of our ICO.
Dylyver Technologies has signed a strategic agreement with IBM that will give our team a competitive edge in terms of technology, infrastructure and its services.
Dycoin will be listed at these crypto exchanges

Our exchange partners

Our partners

Strategic alliances

Our backers

Investors and accelerators

Unlimited opportunities


Ride sharing market (taxi)
  • $285
    Global ride sharing market potential
  • 684
    Number of ride sharing users
Cargo transportation market
  • $450
    Global cargo transportation market potential
  • 6.5
    Number of parcels sent worldwide

What is Dylyver?

Dylyver is a technology corporation that is on a mission to disrupt the transportation market by exploiting the benefits of blockchain technology and by introducing Dycoin token as a payment means within its decentralized ecosystem.

Dycoin token holders will soon be able to take a ride or send a package using Dylyver tokens, exchange Dycoins to other cryptocurrencies and pay for goods and services outside Dylyver ecosystem with its branded debit card.

Our vision

Problems we are tackling

Immediate and secure payments

Development of smart contracts and integration of our ride sharing and package delivery platforms with Blockchain will allow us to make a decentralized environment, where payments will be immediately and securely moved from user’s crypto wallet to driver’s or courier’s wallet upon successful trip or package delivery.

This way we are eliminating the huge dependency on the 3rd party payment systems and their high transaction rates and giving drivers and couriers an opportunity to get their funds instantly.

Hybrid platform

Only a small percentage of users in our industries possess crypto wallets and proper knowledge about the blockchain. Dylyver also understands the limitations that this new payment system has due to the difference in cryptocurrency regulations in various countries.

We respect each countries cryptocurrency regulations. That is why Dylyver will introduce a hybrid system that will combine fiat and crypto payments.

What will follow is a gradual shift from fiat currency payments to payment with Dycoin tokens. This will give a chance for all the parties on our platform to smoothly transition to the new payment method.

Insured parcels

Utilizing the benefits of Blockchain system and smart contracts will also enable us to create a more transparent and secure package delivery system, where all the shipped parcels will be protected and insured against theft and damage.


Our mission

Completely change the concept of transportation and postal service, which is conventional for millions of people, and make ride sharing and sending of parcels more accessible, simple, interesting and convenient for everyone around the world.

Loshkarev Vladimir
Founder of Dylyver Technologies

Dylyver Cargo application

Send parcels with Dylyver Cargo App and take full control over your package delivery.

  • Be always aware
    Track the exact whereabouts of your parcel in real time from the moment of dispatch to the delivery time.
  • Always connected
    Easily contact your courier and recipient via phone or in-app built chat.
  • Out-of-gauge articles
    Easily send your oversized or heavy parcels. If necessary, send multiple things simultaneously.
  • Parcel security
    All parcels will be 100% insured with the help of smart contract integration.
  • Trusted couriers
    Send your parcels with recommended drivers, which you and your friends invited to Dylyver.
  • Price
    Set an acceptable transportation price that suits you. Dylyver only provides pricing recommendations for you.

Dylyver Cargo is an on demand package delivery service. Using Dylyver Cargo app users can send parcels to their relatives and friends quickly and at a favourable price with people that are travelling in the same direction, and who have enough free space in their vehicle or backpack. Users will be able to pay for package delivery services with Dycoin tokens.

The App will soon be available on Google Play and App store.


Dylyver Drive App

Ride sharing solutions of blockchain era.
It doesn't matter where you are, just open the Dylyver Drive app and the vehicle selected by you will be at your doorstep in a matter of minutes.

  • Always nearby
    It takes only a few seconds to book a car you need via Dylyver Drive App.
  • The choice is yours
    Book a car instantly or for the future time.
  • Destination point
    Put your friends or relatives as a destination point of the forthcoming trip.
  • Trusted drivers
    Choose the driver you already know and trust.
  • Method of payment
    Pay for an order by card, cash, promotion bonuses, and relatively soon, by DYCOIN Tokens.
  • Price
    Share the trip costs with friends.

The App will soon be available on Google Play and App store.

Dylyver Drive is a ride sharing platform that allows users to quickly order a vehicle whenever they are just with a click of a button. Dylyver provides a range of trip settings to meet the diverse needs of its app users. We have created a number of vehicle categories that best suit the style, budget and requirements of our clients. Users will be able to pay for their rides with Dycoin tokens.


Road map

1 Q1 completed
  • Concept formation
  • Team building
  • Market survey and analytics
  • System architecture development
2 Q2 completed
  • Backend implementation
  • Start of creation of Cargo Mobile App
  • Construction of web page
3 Q3 completed
  • Completion of development of the native application Cargo for iOS
  • Completion of development of the native application Cargo for Android
  • Cargo application testing
4 Q4 completed
  • Start of creation of Drive Mobile App
  • Preparation for ICO campaign
5 Q1
  • Completion of development of the native application Drive for iOS
  • Completion of development of the native application Drive for Android
  • Drive application testing
  • Creation and registration of Dycoin Tokens
6 Q2
  • Pre-ICO
  • Team enlargement
  • Blockchain integration
  • Creation of smart contracts
7 Q3
  • ICO
  • Global launch of Dylyver services
  • First payment of promotion bonuses on the Dylyver Market program
  • New sign ups of drivers and couriers in all cities worldwide
  • Global marketing campaign
8 Q4
  • Franchise license distribution
  • Issue of Dycoin debit cards
  • Dycoin Token is listed on cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Number of users in Dylyver system - 100 000 users
  • Number of drivers and couriers in Dylyver system - 5000 active drivers and couriers
9 Q1
  • The branches of Dylyver are opened worldwide
  • Sign partnerships with local service centers and taxi agencies
  • Dylyver global road shows
10 Q2
  • Cooperation with global payment companies
  • Global Dylyver conference
  • Number of users in Dylyver system - 8 000 000 users
  • Number of drivers and couriers in Dylyver system - 100 000 active drivers and couriers

Token sale

DYCOIN Token is a high-liquidity Dylyver payment unit, developed on the Ethereum platform. The Dylyver token is designed to simplify the standard global use and payment for Dylyver rides and parcel delivery services, whereby providing security and safety of all transactions. The Dylyver token complies with the ERC20 standard and deems to be a standard for smart contracts with tokens.

Hard cap
20,000,000 USD
Soft cap
2,000,000 USD. However, our solutions will be launched in any case.
Token price
0.1 USD
Payment methods
BTC, BCH, DASH, ETH, LTC, Pay Pal, QIWI wallet, bank transfer, Visa / Mastercard
May 16
End date
Dec 31
Early-bird discount
Pre-sale 1
May 16–May 31
Pre-sale 2
Jun 01–Jun 30
Pre-sale 3
Jul 01–Sep 30
How will we apply funds

Financial structure

Partner program 16% Strategic reserve for partners and investors 33% Token sale 40% Bounty program 2% Dylyver team and advisers 9%
International expansion and marketing 30% IT and new features 25% Partner program 16% Administration and operational expenses 12% Partnerships and Joint Ventures 7% Legal expenses 10%
Digital currency of the future


A universal unit of mutual settlements and rewards is now available for everyone.
  • To transfer and keep tokens on any cryptocurrency wallet.
  • To pay for services within Dylyver.
  • To exchange for alternative Tokens and cryptocurrencies.
  • For selling on cryptocurrency exchange.
  • For conversion into Fiat currency (USD, EUR, etc.).
  • To pay for goods and services beyond the ecosystem of Dylyver.
  • Buy Tokens at discounted prices on pre-ICO and during crowdsale.
  • Invite your friends and acquaintances to the platform.
  • Share information on social media.
  • Watch for updates on social web sites of Dylyver.
  • Write and publish articles on Medium, WordPress and other widely known blogs.
  • Take an active part at the bitcointalk forum, join the Dylyver group in Telegram.
  • Create high-quality videos about the initiative of Dylyver.
Token value proposition

Why Dycoin Tokens?


    Dycoins are immediately and securely moved from user’s crypto wallet to driver’s or courier’s wallet upon successful ride or package delivery.


    A transparent and secure package delivery system, where all the shipped parcels are protected and insured against theft.


    Dycoin token holders will be able to pay for Dylyver ride-sharing and package delivery services with Dycoins.


    Dycoin tokens will be listed on several global cryptoexchanges and converted to other tokens, cryptocurrencies and fiat money.


    Dycoin tokens will be used as an added incentive for drivers and couriers to get out on the road, be continuously online, accept more requests, achieve higher ratings and so on.

Conventional method of payment

Dylyver debit card

Your bridge between the traditional world and the  world of cryptocurrency.

Is it worth to keep cryptocurrency if you can not use it to make purchases online, to make instant payments or to get access to your funds when you want? That's why Dylyver plans to issue and to offer its own debit card.

Debit card
  • Availability of DYCOIN cryptocurrency on your account gives you the opportunity to convert it into Fiat money instantly.
  • Pay for purchases at grocery stores, book hotels and airline tickets online and pay for utilities.
  • Use your Dylyver debit card to pay for services and things via Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay.
  • Withdraw cash at any ATM wordwide.
Invite friends

Partner program

Invite friends, share information and share your referral link with friends, loyal customers, celebrities and public figures. Monitor the conversion, gain from each invitee and increase the number of Tokens on your wallet.

How it works
Earn DYCOIN Tokens by inviting your friends
1. Sign up, buy DYCOIN Tokens, log in and copy the referral link.
2. Share your referral link with friends (via e-mail, Telegram, social media, etc.) or just send your referral ID number to friends and acquaintances.
3. Gain a reward on your wallet each time your friends or their invitees buy DYCOIN tokens.
from the amount of Tokens repurchased by the direct invited user
from the amount of Tokens repurchased by the 1st level referral
from the amount of Tokens repurchased by the 2nd level referral
from the amount of Tokens repurchased by the 3rd level referral
And above all:

After the end of the crowdsale, the partner structure created by you during the ICO will be fully transferred to our branded referral Dylyver Market system, where you will continue to receive regular referral payments when your invitees will book cars or send parcels. Consequently, you earn twice: During the ICO, when people on your network purchase DYCOIN Tokens and on the Dylyver Market, when people on your network use Dylyver services.

Seasoned professionals

Our team

I am Director General. Dylyver is my passion and I am ready to do all I can to make our company succeedd and to let our team achieve its goals.
I am Chief Marketing Officer. For over 30 years I have been doing the things I like. For 8 years the team and I have been creating efficient innovative solutions.
I am Chief Technical Officer. For more than 8 years I have been working with the team. I like variety, originality and complexity of the tasks to be solved.
I am System Engineer. For over 8 years I have been working with the team. I love my job, because every day we do things that can change the world.
I am Web Designer. I have been working in this cool team for 3 years already. Every detail is important in my job and this is what I like to do.
I am Branch Manager. I really like the work I do. I like to work in a team of professionals.
I am Project Manager. I have been working with our team for 8 years already. My main task is to ensure that all issues are resolved on time and with proper quality.
I am Administrator. I love Dylyver. This is the concept of reliability, large scale and stability.

Strategic partners

Capt. Savio Gomez
Our strategic advisor from Japan, who has close to three decades of experience in the Transportation & Technology field, including the years he sailed as a ship Captain. He is a Certified Blockchain & A.I. Professional, an Auditor (OCIMF, CDI-IMPCAS, QHS
Illia Pashkov
Illia is an entrepreneur & business developer, a creative technologist & design astronaut with a big passion for innovative technologies. His specialties include: Innovations & Technologies, Branding & Identity, Startups & New Business Development, Art &
Bogomil Alexandrov
Bogomil is a lead developer with 20+ years experience in financial software development. Blockhain developer. Software & Finance specialist. Bogomil is also a co-founder and CEO of CargoCoin project for blockchaining logistics and tech advisor to Altcourt
Mr. Duyen Tran
Mr. Duyen is Founder & CEO at Extradecoin cryptoexchange and Founder & CEO Tokenstart.io He has nearly 10 years of experience in trade, finance and technology.

Our offices

Contact details:
Üllői út 101
London investor meeting
Dylyver management team presented the company and the value proposition of Dycoin token to a panel of investors on Token Match event in London.
View Video
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