Partner program

Invest in your future with a zero investment.
Make profit with Dylyver and gain DYCOIN tokens from every invitee. 


Partner program information

Participate in ICO of Dylyver and make profit from each time when the invitees in your structure buy DYCOIN Tokens. 

After Sign up you will receive an ID number and a personal referral link; this is a unique link reserved to appropriate user. After you receive it, you can share it with your family and friends, send it out on your social media and post content from Media Kit, which includes articles, graphic elements and banners. The withdrawal of money is possible from the first invitation.

We have prepared for you an advanced practice on the use of referral links for the best result.

How it works

The procedure is very simple


Send out your referral link and post it on social media. Invite your friends and family to participate in ICO of Dylyver.


For each purchase of DYCOIN Tokens made by your invitees you will receive a fee of 7% of the purchase amount. You also gain 5% from each purchase made by the 1st level referral, 2% from each purchase made by the 2nd level referral, and 1% from each purchase made by the 3rd level referral.


Example. If your invitee buys 10,000 DYCOIN Tokens, you will receive a fee of 700 tokens. 50% of which, if desired, you can transfer to the accounts you have stated. 50% remains in Tokens, which at the end of ICO will be transferred to your cryptocurrency wallets.


You can easily track referral payments in your personal account. Pay-out of gained DYCOIN Tokens will be made at the end of ICO of Dylyver on the cryptocurrency wallet chosen by you.

Invest in the future

Unlimited opportunities

You can exchange 50% of your accumulated referral bonuses to fiat money (namely USD) any time before or after our ICO end date. You can do that by submitting a withdrawal request in your personal account on Dylyver webpage and providing the details of your bank account.

After the end of the crowdsale, the partner structure created by you during the ICO will be fully transferred to our branded referral Dylyver Market system,  where you will continue to receive regular referral payments when  your invitees will book cars or send parcels.

Consequently, you earn twice with Dylyver:
During the ICO, when your invitees purchase DYCOIN Tokens.
On the Dylyver Market, when they use Dylyver services.

Your next steps

  • Sign up in the system.
  • Buy DYCOIN Tokens for the amount at least $100. After referral program activation log in and copy your referral link.
  • Post your link on social media, send it oout via e-mail and share it with your immediate circle. Our you may just give your ID number to your friends and acquaintances.
  • Monitor the increase of your referral earnings.

Promotional materials

We have created the set of banners, marketing materials and other graphic elements that you may post on different web pages, social media and other web sites.

Scope of application

Promote your referral link

List of tools that will allow you to  promote your personal link effectively. The more you send out and post  your link, the higher your chance to earn  cryptomoney is.  

  • Social media

    Entensively post and tweet on such social media as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte, etc.
  • Newsletter

    Send out your referral link and post it on social media.
  • Forums

    Participate in forums, share your opinion, information and personal link with your targeted audience.
  • Messengers

    Send messages that include your link to your friends and acquaintances via such popular messengers as Whatsapp, Viber and Telegram.
  • Advertisement boards

    Send campaigns via e-mail, which include your personal link to your mailing list.
  • Youtube

    Make interesting videos and podcasts and promote them on YouTube. And don't forget to attach your referral link.
London investor meeting
Dylyver management team presented the company and the value proposition of Dycoin token to a panel of investors on Token Match event in London.
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