A contemporary ride sharing and on demand package delivery platform

And instantly pay for your rides and deliveries
Until the official launch of Dylyver services and listing of Dycoin token on partner exchanges you can continue to purchase tokens on our web page.
Payment methods
Bitcoin cash
Bank Transfer
Coin Gate
Tokens sold:
Goal: $14,500,000
Payment methods
Bitcoin cash
Bank Transfer
Coin Gate

What is Dylyver?

Dylyver is a technology corporation that is on a mission to disrupt the transportation market by exploiting the benefits of blockchain technology and by introducing Dycoin token as a payment means within its decentralized ecosystem.

Dycoin token holders will soon be able to take a ride or send a package using Dylyver tokens, exchange Dycoins to other cryptocurrencies and pay for goods and services outside Dylyver ecosystem with its branded debit card.

Our vision

Problems we are tackling

Immediate and secure payments

Development of smart contracts and integration of our ride sharing and package delivery platforms with Blockchain will allow us to make a decentralized environment, where payments will be immediately and securely moved from user’s crypto wallet to driver’s or courier’s wallet upon successful trip or package delivery.

This way we are eliminating the huge dependency on the 3rd party payment systems and their high transaction rates and giving drivers and couriers an opportunity to get their funds instantly.

Hybrid platform

Only a small percentage of users in our industries possess crypto wallets and proper knowledge about the blockchain. Dylyver also understands the limitations that this new payment system has due to the difference in cryptocurrency regulations in various countries.

We respect each countries cryptocurrency regulations. That is why Dylyver will introduce a hybrid system that will combine fiat and crypto payments.

What will follow is a gradual shift from fiat currency payments to payment with Dycoin tokens. This will give a chance for all the parties on our platform to smoothly transition to the new payment method.

Insured parcels

Utilizing the benefits of Blockchain system and smart contracts will also enable us to create a more transparent and secure package delivery system, where all the shipped parcels will be protected and insured against theft and damage.


Our mission

Completely change the concept of transportation and postal service, which is conventional for millions of people, and make ride sharing and sending of parcels more accessible, simple, interesting and convenient for everyone around the world.

Loshkarev Vladimir
Founder of Dylyver Technologies

Dylyver Cargo application

Send parcels with Dylyver Cargo App and take full control over your package delivery.

  • Be always aware
    Track the exact whereabouts of your parcel in real time from the moment of dispatch to the delivery time.
  • Always connected
    Easily contact your courier and recipient via phone or in-app built chat.
  • Out-of-gauge articles
    Easily send your oversized or heavy parcels. If necessary, send multiple things simultaneously.
  • Parcel security
    All parcels will be 100% insured with the help of smart contract integration.
  • Trusted couriers
    Send your parcels with recommended drivers, which you and your friends invited to Dylyver.
  • Price
    Set an acceptable transportation price that suits you. Dylyver only provides pricing recommendations for you.

Dylyver Cargo is an on demand package delivery service. Using Dylyver Cargo app users can send parcels to their relatives and friends quickly and at a favourable price with people that are travelling in the same direction, and who have enough free space in their vehicle or backpack. Users will be able to pay for package delivery services with Dycoin tokens.

The App will soon be available on Google Play and App store.


Dylyver Drive App

Ride sharing solutions of blockchain era.
It doesn't matter where you are, just open the Dylyver Drive app and the vehicle selected by you will be at your doorstep in a matter of minutes.

  • Always nearby
    It takes only a few seconds to book a car you need via Dylyver Drive App.
  • The choice is yours
    Book a car instantly or for the future time.
  • Destination point
    Put your friends or relatives as a destination point of the forthcoming trip.
  • Trusted drivers
    Choose the driver you already know and trust.
  • Method of payment
    Pay for an order by card, cash, promotion bonuses, and relatively soon, by DYCOIN Tokens.
  • Price
    Share the trip costs with friends.

The App will soon be available on Google Play and App store.

Dylyver Drive is a ride sharing platform that allows users to quickly order a vehicle whenever they are just with a click of a button. Dylyver provides a range of trip settings to meet the diverse needs of its app users. We have created a number of vehicle categories that best suit the style, budget and requirements of our clients. Users will be able to pay for their rides with Dycoin tokens.

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